Entrusted with the Gospel: Pastoral Expositions of 2 Timothy

Entrusted with the Gospel: Pastoral Expositions of 2 Timothy

ISBN: 1433515830

ISBN 13: 9781433515835

Publication Date: October 06, 2010

Publisher: Crossway Books

Pages: 158

Format: Paperback

Authors: D.A. Carson, John Piper, Mark Driscoll, Philip Graham Ryken, Bryan Chapell, J. Ligon Duncan III, Edward Copeland

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The church needs a strong reminder of the glorious weight of Scripture. The Bible is preached from the pulpit less and less, and we need to return to what is most important. The Gospel Coalition seeks to address this need. It exists "to be robustly biblical, richly theological, constantly elevating what God himself in his own Word makes central."

Stemming from the coalition's 2009 National Conference and edited by D. A. Carson, this book explores the great responsibility of being entrusted with the gospel. Through six sermons expositing 2 Timothy, John Piper, Phil Ryken, Edward Copeland, Bryan Chapell, and Ligon Duncan model faithful preaching rooted in Scripture.

These pastors take up themes such as unashamed courage in gospel preaching, rightly dividing the word of truth, pitfalls and parodies of ministry, and finishing well. A great resource for pastors, church leaders, and others in ministry, this volume will help readers better live the vision of 2 Timothy.

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