Run to Death

Run to Death

ISBN: 1558820957

ISBN 13: 9781558820951

Publication Date: June 01, 1991

Publisher: International Polygonics

Pages: 243

Format: Paperback

Author: Patrick Quentin

2.91 of 9

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She was the sort of blonde that rolls off the assembly lines in Hollywood or Broadway, but could start a riot her in Mexico. she was young and beautiful, too young to be hitch-hiking alone in the wilds of tropical Yucatan. But there was something else about her, and it was not long after Peter Duluth had given her a lift that he realized what it was: the girl was running for her life.

Later, in Mexico City, it was Peter himself who was running--from enemies he did not know. But he learned, there and in New Orleans, that danger is never behind you, but ahead. And that sometimes you have to run toward death in order to escape it....

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