New Visions for Americas

New Visions for Americas

ISBN: 0800626907

ISBN 13: 9780800626907

Publication Date: January 01, 1994

Publisher: Augsburg Fortress Publishing

Pages: 272

Format: Paperback

Author: David Batstone

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At the approach of a new millennium, profound economic, social, and geopolitical changes have transformed the global map and shaken the contours of liberation thinking, North and South. Although the overarching hemispheric issue remains justice, it is more likely now to erupt in contexts of environment, basic economic rights, systems of adjudication, the survival of indigenous peoples, and the liberation of women worldwide. To address this new context of liberation, especially around structural issues of race, class, and gender, this volume presents the views of fourteen of today's most incisive religious leaders and thinkers - male and female, North and South, black and white, theologians and activists.

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